Need a helping hand with fulfilment?

Introducing eBay Fulfilment by Orange Connex. A solution to store, pick, pack and ship your inventory, so you can focus on selling and growing your business. Delight your customers with same day handling and a seamless delivery experience, while you're protected from delivery related defects.

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Fully tracked service*

Your customers benefit from full transparency. Gain their trust and improve your seller rating.

Seller protection

Delivery of your items under eBay Fulfilment by Orange Connex will benefit from full seller protection for delivery related defects.

Fast delivery

Same-day dispatch, late cut off times with an option of express shipping.

Multi-channel capability

You sell - storage, packaging and shipping will be taken care of by eBay Fulfilment by Orange Connex - on eBay, your online shop or on any other selling platforms.

Automated eBay Plus eligibility

Get the increased visibility and velocity that eBay Plus provides for your listings.

Rates for eBay Fulfilment by Orange Connex are simple and easy to calculate. There are no hidden charges.
The main fees are set out below and you can obtain a rate card which provides information of other possible additional or optional costs later from the service provider.*

Fulfilment fee

Flat rate for pick, pack & dispatch based on your product weight

Storage fee

Charged per cubic metre per month

*From 30th March, partially tracked services are also available.

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Example prices for same city below:

Product: T shirt < 200g
Dimensions: Small Parcel
Fulfilment fee = $4.80

Product: Pair of trainers < 1kg
Dimensions: Small Parcel
Fulfilment fee = $6.72
Express Price = $8.13

Product: Printer < 10kg
Dimensions: Medium Parcel
Fulfilment fee = $9.52
Express Price = $10.32

Product: Lawnmower < 22kg
Dimensions: Large Parcel
Fulfilment fee = $16.91
Express Price = $17.48

*All prices are exclusive of GST. Prices are indicative only and based on information provided by service provider as of 23.09.2021. Sellers should always refer to Orange Connex’s rate card for the prevailing applicable rates.
**Additional services are available subject to eligibility. Prices vary depending on the volume of sold items. Please fill in the contact form below and a member of the specialist team will be in touch with more information.

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